Streamer Community

Terms of Service

Streamer Community, A friendly and welcoming community ready to help you learn about streaming, growing your platform through support for each other. Over 1,600 gamers stay connected here, support one another, network & make new friends who share interests in the category you game. Things we do in server

-Host a Featured Streamer weekly, we choose someone who is supportive & active

-Have lots of minigames in server to keep you busy

-Leveling systems to earn perks

-Host tournaments in popular games

This community is a server for any and all types of gamers wanting to stream and help them achieve their goals through our support. In this server you will find the tools you need to help you promote yourself as well as supporting others with a few rules along the way. Making friends, networking, expanding your horizons (gamer friends and the games you play) is what we’re here for! Our staff is hard working and always looking to make things better for you to enjoy, give support, get support! We hope you enjoy your time here and get to see your dreams come true! We do not own Twitch/Youtube logos, artwork, fonts, copyrighted words, logos or phrases, they are the sole property of their respective owners. We will NOT claim to be or impersonate Twitch, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, or any other company. We are NOT selling merchandise in any way that is affiliated with Twitch/Youtube. We are NOT owned, operated, or affiliated with Twitch/Youtube as a community, only as individual streamers/affiliates/partners. We are our own Community, and we will not pretend to be anyone else. We created our own artwork @illbethisguy , our own name, and we ABIDE by Twitch/Youtube TOS and Discord TOS.