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Affilates this week


<@!289544523082760192> hit affilated

<@626515469532266508> we gotten 3 people affiliated this week freaking amazing 🤩 thank u all u are all amazing and awesome big shout out to u all and these 3 that got affilated this week 💯 will keep getting more and more affilated each week and maybe soon will get the affilated people partnered I care to much about u all and I appreciate all of your support we’re updating the site on a weekly basis so expect more stuff we also added something for <@&752254166704980059> check here <#755258122393747485> tell me what U think if u haven’t been on the site u should check it out here show some support for others on there and if u unlock auto live on the website it will also be on the discord as well here <#752228576035864697> we want everyone on the site here’s our latest stats which is amazing keep promoting and help us and will help u as well grow and welcome new comers that joined if anyone has any ideas on the website please let me know and be the next featured streamer on our website have your own page and everything ❤️❤️❤️👑 let’s grow together and help everyone

Thank u sincerely <@!605454728041857045>