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How do I get access to all channels in Streamer Community?

By heading to the rules channel and reacting with the “check-mark” reaction below the rules.

How do I gain permission to promote my content in the server?

By chatting in the server you level up. Once you reach level 5 you will gain access to all the promotion channels. Premium members are able to bypass this system.

How do I level up?

You are able to level up by chatting in the discord.

How do I contact a staff member?

To contact staff you may Open a ticket on ticket tool

How do I apply for staff?

You must first meet the requirements of being in our server for at least 2 weeks, minimum age 16, and should be at least level 10 in the server. If you meet these requirements you may then apply for staff in #apply-for-staff. You can find the template for staff applications in #application-template

How to get auto live?

You will be granted access to be part of auto live when you reach level 30.

How to get premium?

Premium is for anyone subscribed to Dave (the server owner)

How long has the server been around?

The Streamer Community Server has been around since September 2019.

How do I apply for staff and Discord partner?

By registering to the website or logging in and using the Staff Application form under the Resources Menu.

How many users does my Discord need to have for the Discord Partner Application?

At the moment you will need to have 800+ members to become a Discord Partner

What age do I have to be to apply for staff?

18 years of age or older.

How do get to level 5 on Discord?

You gain levels on the Discord server by chatting. The more you get to know people the better!


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